Example 1

Container manufacturer
Model used


This container manufacturer produces durable cylindrical containers made of thin cardboard layers for a client that produces powders. Since moisture could get in through gaps in the containers and ruin the powder, the client previously put the powder in vinyl bags before putting it into the containers.
However, this increased their workload, so the container manufacturer was searching for a way to coat their container interiors to prevent moisture from getting in.

Problem illustration figure

Lumina’s proposal and result

With an inside diameter of 510 mm , the containers provided plenty of space for spraying, so we recommended they install four ST-6-1.3X spray guns equipped with flat-fan pattern to rods to spray the coating liquid.
The system we proposed forms a layer of liquid on container interiors by rotating the containers while drawing the rod from their bottoms while spraying.

(Spraying conditions)
  • Atomizing air pressure: 0.15 MPa
  • Liquid pressure: 0.3 MPa
  • Target distance: 230 mm

As a result, the coating was able to prevent moisture from getting into the containers,
so the client was able to store their powder directly in the containers without using vinyl bags.
Not only did the container manufacturer win high praise from the client for cutting down on their workload, this became the first example in the paper container industry of a container that used an internal coating.
This made their product widely recognized as a high value-added product.



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