Example 1

Frozen foods manufacturer
Preventing adhesion on the production line
Model used


This food manufacturer makes frozen foods including rice balls and pilaf.
The boiled rice used in these items was sticking to the conveyor belt, causing a sanitation problem and extra labor during cleanup.
While they knew they could avoid this issue by moistening the conveyor belt, adding too much water would make the rice grains sticky. They were searching for a spray gun that could provide a wide, thin coat using a small amount of water.

Problem illustration figure

Lumina’s proposal and result

A standard flat-fan pattern type STS-6 in stainless steel is suitable for food production applications. However, when using a small amount of fluid with that model, the spray pattern becomes narrower.
To overcome this issue, we proposed the STS-10W-0.5X, which can spray in a wide pattern even for a small amount of fluid.

(Spraying conditions)
  • Atomizing air pressure: 0.1 MPa
  • Pattern air pressure: 0.15 MPa
  • Target distance: 250 mm
  • Liquid supply: Pressure feed tank

The STS-10W has three air inlets, one of which exclusively provides air to widen the spray pattern. By increasing the pressure in that air pipe, the STS-10W can coat in a wide pattern using less fluid than standard models like the ST-6.
The STS-10W made it possible to provide the appropriate amount of water for maintaining product quality while solving the problem of the rice sticking to the belt.



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