Metalworking Fluids and Lubricants

Example 1

Chassis production for OA equipment
Press forming
Model used


This manufacturer uses press forming to manufacture 500 mm x 450 mm chassis for OA equipment such as copy machines and multifunction printers.
Applying a coat of press lubricant (kinematic viscosity 15 mm²/s at 40℃) over this wide area was giving them trouble.

Problem illustration figure

Lumina’s proposal and result

Since installation space was limited, we suggested a PR-40-2.0X for its ability to coat over a wide angle with a single spray gun. We looked for a way to spray lubricant horizontally over the press plate being conveyed to the manufacturing point from two points, one in front of the press and one behind it.

(Spraying conditions)
  • Atomizing air pressure: 0.05 MPa
  • Pattern air pressure: 0.1 MPa
  • Target distance: 300 mm
  • Fluid provision: Pressure feed tank

As a result, damage to the objects manufactured was decreased compared to when the lubricant was insufficient, improving yield. We succeeded at increasing productivity.



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