Fuso Seiki Co. Ltd. (hereafter “Company”) has enacted the following guidelines to ensure the security of personal information handled by our employees.

  1. Our company shall place the utmost care on handling personal information during its collection, management, and use.
  2. Our Company closely follows the laws and regulations on the protection of personal information.
  3. In order to accomplish the above, our Company has enacted the necessary company rules and has informed our employees of those rules, and will take measures to avoid violating the personal information rights of our customers.

Our Company will handle personal information provided by customers in accordance with the following rules.

Collection of Information

Our Company collects personal information from customers via telephone, fax, post, e-mail, and our website. This information includes information directly provided to us by customers as well as information provided to us by third parties as directed by customers and information provided with permission from the customer.

  • When customers purchase our products
  • When we ship products or product catalogs and other information to customers
  • When we respond to customer inquiries
  • When we accept feedback or requests submitted by customers
  • When customers respond to our surveys

When we make return calls to customers in response to inquiries by telephone, please be advised that we use caller identification to display customers’ phone numbers.
Situations in which customers do not directly provide personal information are as follows.

  • When customers’ clients supply information to us as directed by said customer
  • When requests for written information are made through print media when our Company places advertisements in magazines and the like
  • When our Company uses data containing a customer’s personal information provided to a third party with the express permission from said customer
Purpose of Information Use

We use information provided to improve business activities and services.

  • To record transaction content and sending invoices for payment
  • To improve services rendered, such as hastening order processing time and avoiding shipping errors when repeat orders are placed
  • To ensure that products are delivered to the exact location specified
  • To provide written information as requested
  • To provide customers with more accurate product recommendations
  • To inform customers of our Company’s events
  • To deliver all forms of greeting cards
  • To introduce customers (including prospective customers) to retailers handling our products
  • To contact customers for reasons other than those listed above over the course of business activities
  • After removing personal information that might identify specific individuals, to compile statistical customer data for purposes including service improvements or the creation of product reference materials for customer use

Additionally, our Company website uses cookies. This is to identify customers when they access our website so that we may customize it to their needs or to help us design websites with improved ease-of-use. Cookie use is solely for improving website usability and shall not be used to collect personal information.

Provision of Information to Third Parties

Aside from the situations listed below, our Company will never provide customer personal information to third parties without express permission from said customer.

  • When contracting third parties for each type of business activity detailed in the section entitled “Purpose of Information Use” above (When doing so, we will indicate that customer personal information must undergo strict management in our contract terms with the third party)
  • When providing the necessary personal information to one of our business partners providing a service in our Company’s stead
  • When information must be provided to financial institutions and credit card companies to process payments made when our products, etc. have been purchased
  • When personal information is provided accompanying a merger or business succession
  • When procuring the express permission of the customer confirming the transfer of this information
  • When personal information is requested by public institutions, such as courts, the Public Prosecutor's Office, or law enforcement, and our Company deems its provision to be appropriate
  • When it becomes necessary to prevent the loss of life or limb or damage to personal property and it is difficult to procure the customer’s advance permission
  • Other cases when the provision of personal information is requested as a matter of law.
Disclosure or correction of Information

When a customer requests their collected personal information be made available to them, and we have received proof of that person’s identification, we will provide the information as registered unless there is a special reason not to do so. Also, when it is indicated that the registered information is incorrect, we will correct that information as necessary after confirming its accuracy with the customer.

Point of Contact for Inquiries

For inquiries concerning our handling of personal information, please contact
the General Affairs Department at our Head Office at 03-3947-1334 (Lines are open on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)